luni, 7 martie 2011

la journee des filles

i made these textile headbands because i know that sometimes you don't have to worry so much about your hair and just keep it steady. and because i like the girlish, yet discreet look they have

i used velvet and textile patterned strips, lace and buttons / applique (& elastic strip in the back)
most of them have a colored sewed edging
15 ron each

and you can also wear them like this

joi, 3 martie 2011

dragonfly love

i've always had a crush on these little creatures, but last summer something really incredible happened.
i was enjoying with andrei the most lovely place when something turquoise glittered on one of the red rocks at the river. it was a dragonfly wing floating at the water surface! as we were closely examining its incredible dark turquoise texture, it felt like something else was really close. and guess what? right on the rocks we were laying we found the other wings of the dragonfly!
it was like she died just in front of us and gave us her wings as a token...we never got to see her flying, but we're keeping her beautiful wings as a memory of her short existence.

 one of her sisters!

as for now, i've made these dragonflies for you to love them too!

leather, painted wood, textile/pearl/plastic buttons
as they all flew away this wknd @ MTR, make a wish on your dragonfly and write me!